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Meaning is Healing with Dr Luis de Miranda

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The Philosophical Parlour is committed to providing the highest level of dialogue and best possible outcomes for its counselees. With 30 years of experience in philosophising concretely and successfully, Dr Luis de Miranda takes the time to develop a close relationship and understand your unique perspective, whether you are only visiting once or choose to engage in a journey of growth within the principles of philosophical health and with the help of the crealectic approach. International consultations online are welcome.

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Personal Growth

The Philosophical Parlour will guide you through the process of creating your highest destiny, no matter the circumstances. No adult is too young or too old to live according to their ideal, and to become who they really are.

Esprit de Corps

We also help groups and corporations who require deeply creative thinking and guidance through the complexities of purpose finding, leadership and vision defining. The key word for the 21st century is integrity.

Philosophy as Therapy

Dr Luis de Miranda, trained as a psychoanalyst and philosopher (PhD), will help you conceptualise your mental challenges and enhance your personal narrative without drugs nor rigid diagnoses.


Transformative conversations to unlock new paths.

— A.

What Luis does is a blessing of itself, as a philosopher, he has found a way to give back and help others find their way by simply doing the very thing that he loves, and it clearly shows. I highly recommend that you visit him at the Parlour, he will listen deeply to what you have to say, and out of that listening, a path will unfold for you to follow.

— R.

I really enjoyed the session. The place is calm and peaceful. Overall, it helped me to know myself better. Also I got some valuable suggestions from Luis.

— B.

My conversation with Luis was quite interesting. I left with the feeling of having received an answer to everything I had and even hadn’t asked, which was relevant to me at the time. He was so accurate in his observations and made me really think how insightful his perception was. His ideas and suggestions were inspiring to me and I am implementing these in my life now. Our interaction opened a new understanding within me, which I could now use to my benefit. I am really appreciative of what he highlighted to me. I can highly recommend him to any seeker, any student and any teacher. Thank you, Luis!

— L.

I really enjoyed the meeting and conversation we had. I felt seen and supported. Highly recommend this consultations.

— M.


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