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Alice: “Please, Sir, which way do I go?” / Cheshire Cat: “That depends a great deal on where you want to go.”

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The Philosophical Parlour is about having a conversation about the meaning of your life. Attune to your highest destiny and the co-creation of your philosophy of life, in harmony with life on earth. Dr Luis de Miranda, certified member of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association and of the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice, practices deep listening to understand and intercreate your unique perspective, within the principles of philosophical health and with the help of his crealectic approach.

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What Is Your Challenge?

Personal Growth

The Philosophical Parlour will guide you through the process of creating the meaning of your highest destiny, via a method of deep listening and dialogue. No adult is too young or too old to live according to their ideals, and to become who they really are, do what they really love without excessive stress.

Esprit de Corps

The Philosophical Parlour also helps groups and corporations who require purpose, intercreative, holistic and strategic thinking. Business and work can no longer rhyme with mindlessness or unhealthy systems. Philosophically healthy corporations can thrive responsbibly in the 21st century.

Philosophy as Therapy

Dr Luis de Miranda, PhD, will help you conceptualise your mental challenges and enhance your personal narrative away from normative diagnoses, excessive medication or bad habits of thought. Philosophical counseling can heal from depression or anxiety for example.

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